New Book on Photonics Aims to Light Up Our Imaginations

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If the citizens of Rochester had a penny for every time photonics was mentioned in the local news they would all probably be millionaires by now. Well most likely not – but you get my point. Photonics is taking over the area and for the better. But what should you know about this mysterious new term and how is it going to impact your life if you live in the Rochester area?

Well, if you’re still not sure what photonics is or why it matters you should probably read one of the newest books in the industry called Photonics – Technical Applications of Light. It’s being marketed as a photonics book more for the general public than an experienced engineer, so it’s perfect for anyone who is interested in this life changing industry.

SPIE (the international society or optics and photonics) published the book and plans on giving it away for free in an effort to get more people interested in the subject. The goal is to attract young students to science so they in turn can help advance and grow the industry.

Peter Hallett, SPIE’s industry relations director, gave away 400 copies of the book to the Rochester Museum and Science Center.

“We’re particularly interested in middle school kids because they haven’t made a career decision yet; they’re still exploring…Maybe they’ll say ‘I want to take a class in physics’”, said Peter Hallet.

Rochester is a perfect city for this push since it is the home of a $600 million federal research institute dedicated to integrated photonics.

The president of Optimax Systems Inc., stated that the institute will have an impact comparable to “a large firm moving into the region and doing massive hiring.”

Without a doubt photonics is making Rochester’s economic future look bigger and brighter than ever; and with a little curiosity and hard work students will be able to capitalize on this amazing opportunity.