What is Double-Sided Polishing?

Double-Sided grinding and polishing uses planetary action that suspends particles in a liquid vehicle to abrade windows evenly from both surfaces. Because of the special way the machines grind and polish the windows, generally there is less thermal distortion, surface imperfections, and edge chipping.

Double-Sided lapping and polishing (DSLP) holds the components in sprocketed or geared carriers that can either be turning in the same or opposite directions to grind and polish the windows.

Cosmo Optics currently has two different types of Double-Sided polishers. We have the LapMaster LP6’s and Speedfam 16B’s. The LapMasters can grind and polish optics that are between 1mm and 4 inches and the Speedfam 16B’s can grind and polish parts between 1mm and 15.5 inches.

If you think that double-sided polishing will help your company with your current projects feel free to give us a call at 518-729-2100 or email us!

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