Cosmo Optics is located in a 22,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Albany, NY. With over 55 years of experience in the fabrication of custom optics and assemblies, we are well poised to handle most projects. Whether your project is a prototype, small volume or full production, you can be sure that you receive the highest level of quality and customer service.

Since we generate our own surfaces in-house, we can produce rapid prototypes. We also have a huge inventory of optical materials and finished stock to select from. Check our Inventory Sheet (here). Our staff is ready to help you achieve your project goals now and for the future.

  • We manufacture components from 1.5mm to 1524mm in diameter.
  • The materials we work with are used in the UV to Far IR wavelength range.
  • N-BK7, UVFS, Zerodur, ULE, CaF2, ZnSe, Silicon, GaAs
  • Grinding: We grind conventional optics and machine all types of shapes within our facility. Our equipment includes dicing saws, slicing saws, air bearing tables for accurate machining and centering of large elements. Our facility has 3 core drills for using raw material. We edge our components using air bearing vacuum chucked equipment.
  • Generating: There are over 8 lens and plano generating systems in-house for fast turnaround times. We generate curves up to 36”. Our tools and test plates catalogue consists of over 2,000 radii to select from.
  • Polishing: Our opticians employ a number of methods in polishing optical components. We utilize standard continuous, spindle and even foot petal benches to make our optics. Through our art of expertise, we deliver the highest quality. We polish plano components up to 60”, spherical up to 48”, and cylindrical up to 60”.
  • Machine Shop: Cosmo Optics has a full machine shop with a full-time staff machinist. This capability allows us to make in-house tooling quickly for fast delivery. We also fabricate tooling equipment for coatings and other companies. Lastly, we utilize our machine shop to fabricate housings for assemblies.
  • Lens Assemblies: Our ability to make doublets and triplets is second-to-none. But we also make high quality optical assemblies. Typically, we see over 6 elements in one housing. Depending on your criteria, we assemble in a clean environment or within our Class 1000 Clean Room.
  • Quality/Inspection: Within our facility, Cosmo Optics has three Interferometers which are utilized to provide in operation as well as final detail measurements for our customers. All of these interferometers are Zygo units with 4”, 6” and 12” apertures. In addition, we have developed other unique processes to measure larger optics as well. Although the interferometers can measure past 1/10 wave, we only certify the measurement at this specification.

We also have various inspection equipment on hand, including auto-collimators, alignment telescopes, microscopes, air bearing tables, electronic indicators, optical benches for focal length and much more.

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Design Services

Need help designing your component or sub-system assembly? We have experienced engineers to help you create and further develop your component and sub-systems. We use a variety of software applications including zemax and McCloud coating software to help you achieve maximum precision. In addition, we also provide input on the manufacturability of your project currently and the long run. Let us help you in your design needs.

Prototype to Volume

There is no job too small or big for Cosmo Optics. For years, we specialized in prototype and small volume precision components and assemblies. Today, we have the capability to make almost any part in small volume and high volume. We have numerous lens generators, polishers and measuring equipment for all sizes from 1.5mm to 1540mm.
We have over 2,000 tools and matching test plates. Click here to find your radius.