What is Double-Sided Polishing?

Double-Sided grinding and polishing uses planetary action that suspends particles in a liquid vehicle to abrade windows evenly from both surfaces. Because of the special way the machines grind and polish the windows, generally there is less thermal distortion, surface imperfections, and edge chipping. Double-Sided lapping and polishing (DSLP) holds the components in sprocketed or

SPIE Photonics West 2017

Cosmo Optics will be attending SPIE Photonics West this year. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there. Our booth number is #4611 in case you would like to visit. In case you don’t know a lot about us below is some information to catch you up to speed! We can manufacture the following optics:

Worldwide Photonics Market Growth of 8.4%

According to MarketsandMarkets the photonics market is estimated to reach upwards of $724.22 billion by 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.4 percent. This is due to the increasing demand for lighting and production technology, medical technology, and information and communication technology. The largest end-use industry for photonics is the media, broadcasting, and

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Hands-On Learning in Classroom Significantly Boosts STEM Retention

Recent studies have confirmed that students who participate in hands on research are much more likely to complete a science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) degree. Course-based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs) are likely having this effect on student’s success, because they allow students to use the same problem solving, creativity, and math skills they would

Credit: Dr Thomas P. White, Australian National University.

Optics Breakthrough Could Make Infra-Red Technology Cheap and Easy-To-Use

Recently a group of Australian researchers made a breakthrough in infra-red technology that is very efficient and cost effective. This ultimately could save millions of dollars in areas that utilize sensing devices such as defense and agriculture. The research has resulted in a huge improvement of the absorption efficiency of light in a semiconductor only

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Researchers Demonstrate Record Optical Nonlinearity for Indium Tin Oxide

Research lead by Robert W. Boyd, the Professor of Optics and Physics at the University of Rochester, has led to a breakthrough that may change the way researchers approach photonics applications. The breakthrough had to do with what physicists call nonlinear optics – which is the different ways materials behave contingent on the intensity of

Cosmo Optics Receives Excellence in Small Business Award

Precision optics manufacturer Cosmo Optics, received the Excellence in Small Business Award for 2015 presented by Keybank this past week. Cosmo Optics a custom manufacturer of high precision optical components and assemblies was chosen for its award based on its successful growth in sales, employees, and business size. The company, which moved from Middletown to

How To Become A Photonics Engineer

What is Photonics? Photonics is the area of study which involves the use of light (photons) to generate energy, detect information, or transmit information. The main goal of photonics engineering is to develop new innovative ways to solve problems in telecommunications, medicine, manufacturing, and construction. If you are a bright, detail orientated mind, that enjoys