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About Cosmo Optics

Cosmo Optics was founded by Hans Peter’s way back in 1957. Mr. Peters came to the US after attending school and learning the optical fabrication trade.  After working for several companies across the US, Mr. Peters decided to build his own business in 1957.  From that point, Cosmo Optics has seen steady growth, product expansion, and respect throughout the world for the highest quality optical components.


We can Manufacture:

Spherical Lenses
Cylindrical Lenses
Windows (1mm to 1 meter in diameter)
Custom Prototype Optics

Optical Coatings

AR V Coat

Materials we work with:

Fused Silica
Zinc Selenide

Why Cosmo Optics?

Here at Cosmo Optics we work hard to keep our customers happy. We view our custom fabrication abilities as artisan skills.  Every component is handled with such skill and respect that we view it as an art form. Your project is highly technical and we make sure that every detail is accounted for.  This aspect of our business is a part of our history. We also have the machinery and skills needed to produce large amounts of optics at a high quality. We can achieve 1/4 wave flatness and up to 10/5 surface quality on our optics, and have over 2000 tools and test plates for your use.


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